Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 26, 2012: Wrapping Things Up?

Actually, I think it's more like "running around frantically, picking things up and jamming them into boxes with my hair standing on end". . .  but it's okay, really. This has been a very new feeling summer, and I have been able to stay aware and enjoy it, so the fact that it's ending on TUESDAY (except for the delicious dollop of Labor Day Weekend) is actually pretty much okay.

So, backwardsing a little:

arrived home yesterday (Saturday) at about 7 pm from taking Lyle to Skidmore for his sophomore year. It may turn out to be the last time we have to drive him there, since often kids get their own cars, etc., etc. We left Thursday afternoon, spent that night at Ann's in Portland (fulfilling one of my summer goals), drove to Saratoga Springs that day, unloaded, got his room open, went to the storage locker, bickered a bit, got something to eat (which fixed our bickering), unloaded that stuff, and then I drove to Richmond VT to spend the night at Tom and Ellyn's, which journey featured a totally cool thing: a car ferry from Essex NY over Lake Champlain:

I arrived at T/E's house (where Mom was, too!) around 7:45 and plunged into a delicious meal, featuring the best fresh corn I've had in years, and then Tom, El and I stayed up till midnight (!!) talking. . . .

There is the lovely family, moments before I loaded up around noon the next day and drove through the gorgeous yank of VT, NH, and western ME to get home. I was pretty fried by the time I pulled in with 895 miles under my belt. Whoosh.

However, L and I had a great drive over, with time to talk, complain, laugh, and for me to drive while he napped, which is a particularly peaceful situation! And who can argue with a trip that leaves a boy this happy?

I would bet his room is somewhat more decorated by this time, but he's probably still that happy!

So these last two days, I plan to
--do some exercise, because I am feeling CRAMPED UP from all that driving,
--work on my dress, with a goal of completion by Labor Day at the latest;
--complete the two grants I need to report on;
--do one more summery thing like a hike, a sail, or a gorgeous swim;
--write a few thank you notes/letters to tie up the visits and adventures of the last two weeks;
--maybe. even. take. a. nap!!!!

Had a nice but different feeling visit with Julie and Caroline (Andy was very busy and Michael didn't come, so things felt less vacationy than usual, which was good AND bad), but we did a lot of good things, like hiking Cadillac, playing mini-golf, seeing "Paranorman,"going out to Simone's, b'fast at the Riverside, kayaking. . .  I am thinking that next year it might be fun to try to rent a place in NH or something together and then spending a week there. ??!! We'll see.

Closing with a final pic before I change over the laundry and get another cup of coffee!

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