Friday, August 31, 2012

August 31: First Friday

Well, regardless of the fact that this was a short week, we didn't have any kids till today and then we just had ninth graders (so one class for me), and that I have had a terrific summer, it's Friday and I am BEAT. It's been a pretty good week, despite losing (completely, irretrievably, yup, gone) a big desktop folder of five years of work I've done for my co-taught ninth grade class. We may recover some hard copies of stuff, but I still get a sort of sad, cold chill when I think of how much rich stuff is just. plain. gone.

BUT: new beginnings are good, too, and I can draw from what we know, what we already do. . . . And our class of ninth graders looks fun and great (30 of 'em!), so that's good. The only bad is that I seem to have re-injured (maybe more severely) the calf muscle I hurt in the end of July. I will call the orthopedic dr and ask for physical therapy on Tuesday, but I am disappointed as I had been so careful and wise for so long, and then. . . all I did was a little happy skip off my toes, and ==sproing!== Instant pain. And this is with 3 ibu 3x a day.

But: I hope soon to head up to sew a bit, to finish my summer portfolio dress, and also to plant some perennials in the front garden. N and I plan to go to the Blue Hill Fair for a few hours as a summer "thang," and then also maybe go for a sail or a hike--but with my sproinged leg, probably a sail would be better. And go to a cookout at Saki's house, and do *lots* of school work!

Happy Labor Day weekend! Happy Friday!

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