Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dec. 18: My First Snowday!

Unfortunately, Camilla and Nate only get a two hour delay, but I think they could've used a whole snow day, too. Oh well. I *really* wanted today off. And I got it!

Here are some snow pics from Sunday, our most recent storm, just to give you the flavor:

      Of course I woke up at 5 am to check, and then since there wasn't yet an announcement, I started getting ready to go for my swim, and then just as I was about to leave. . . the phone rang! I did go back to bed for a brief loll, but I was really too excited to sleep. So here I am. Have been reading my new bio of Ngaio Marsh (recently arrived second hand) and reveling in nostalgia for a time that never existed/I never experienced; plan to swim once the kids get off to school and couple that with a trip down town for some books at Union River Toy and Books, the makings of chai at the health food store, and a stop for vacation reading for me at the Library. . . very exciting! I also have some stealth knitting that I might be able to finish up. 

As I look at that list, I realize that my chances of a nap are dwindling!

And we will also head towards the mailbox, as the date for early decision notification is upon us, and Nate is waiting with "Batesed breath". . .  So much going on. 

And, again, I am deeply grateful for the fact that it can be bitter cold for going on three weeks and our only concern is staying warm: we can afford good food, as much fuel as necessary, and warm clothes at will. Not everyone is so lucky. "In the bleak midwinter," as the carol goes, let's extend the light to include as many people as we can. 

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