Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dec. 26: Boxing Day!

Well, we had a lovely Christmas--low key and pleasant. The sun came out, turning the icy trees to shining crystal, and the wind did not rise, so we still have heat and power, while thousands don't. We ate good food, enjoyed wonderful presents, watched a funny but woefully profane movie ("The Heat") as a family, and Nate and I went for a cold Christmas afternoon run. Much to enjoy and be thankful for.

And today features snow (stopped now, but 7" forecast??!!!) and, I hope, some cleaning up. I just succumbed to another Audible sale and have two *more* audiobooks waiting for me, so cleaning up (starting with the farthest corner of my bedroom and working slowly down through the house) has a new appeal. One of them is Tale of Two Cities, at 13 hours, which I devoutly hope I won't get completely through!

The jammie pants got made, though Cam's were too small, so she has mine and I am tentatively planning to make another pair for me; both hats are done, tho L will probably regift his (which is fine); I think I'll restart N's Old Friend Pullover, start a basic pair of socks for me with the yarn that was frayed in spots, and start the purple version of N's hat for myself with my Secret Angel yarn. I got TONS of books for C'mas so there is much reading in my future.

Life of Pi: finished. But my, it's a weird book. Just not so sure about it.


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