Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday, Dec. 20: Vacation. At Last.

Home and flopped on the couch. Andy and Camilla made her Norwegian sugar cookies. Nate is taking a nap. Lyle is wearing his jammies, doing laundry, and watching bad movies on his laptop. It's raining and due to ice up so C's meet was canceled and we can spend tonight in. Yay!

Good day at school. . . many alums back to say hi. . .I placed second in the cookie contest and ate more sugar than needed for a week or so. Cleaned my desk. Did a few "must dos". Made it home with a lot of student goodies and glad to be here.

Goals for vacation: lots of sleep. Naps, even. Lots of reading. Life of Pi, for sure. I have a new Sarah Dessen, which I might start with. Need to finish my stealth sewing. . . tomorrow, I hope. Would love to go to the Farnsworth. And out to lunch. I'd like to eat a lot of soup. And see some movies. And maybe skate and go tubing? And maybe bowling.

All doable.

Nap now?

Ah, vacation. So glad you're here!

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