Sunday, March 9, 2014

March 9: Eastern Standard Time Re-entry Weekend!

Back from a spectacularly fun three day trip to Quebec City and environs with a wonderful group of MDIHS kids and chaperones. Quebec is a fun, accessible, friendly city; we were outside a lot in the gorgeous pouring sunshine, which reminded me that getting outside in the winter doesn't have to be just about running; the kids were friendly, enthusiastic, and appreciative; the weather was stunning; the other adults were some of my closest friends anyway; speaking and hearing French so much was fun too. Wow. What a great experience.

AND Cam has headed to Hawaii for a week; Nate won All-Festival Honors for his role as Odysseus in the EHS play, which Andy had a chance to see. . . . what a nice time!

Goal for next winter: two specific outings for Outdoor Fun. Tubing, skiing, snow-shoeing, skating. . . doesn't matter. I just want to do it.

AND: Andy made our reservations for Italy. We're going to Florence!


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