Saturday, May 17, 2014

May 17: Whoosh!

May is flying! Last weekend was the EHS prom, with its excitement, tasks, and fun--but there wasn't much time left to post. . .or read! This weekend  is the MDIHS prom for Nate and the Winthrop High prom (and final AFS weekend meeting) for Camilla, so I am less involved in general, and can therefore hang out and get caught up.

So: some pics:

Camilla looking lovely in her bright yellow:

Nate and Lucy: 

And Camilla and Nate gave me flowers for Mother's Day!

And--now--a finished book! 

Wives and DaughtersWives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Audio book, read by my beloved Nadia May. Loooooooong and yet somehow exciting as well. . . for days I set off to school or home, announcing, "I might finish my novel today!" and yet, Gaskell continued the story of Molly and her terrible stepmother and her family and friends. Finally, en route home, the editor broke in. . . "Unfortunately, Gaskell died before finishing this novel." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No joke. 25 hours of listening and caring about these folks, and then: she didn't finish the last chapter.

It was so horrible that it was funny. I still love the book, I still think Gaskell is an impressive writer in the mould of Jane Austen, BUT the next one of hers that I read/listen to I will be sure is finished!

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