Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 25: Aaaaaaat Lasssssssst!

We are on vacation! Though I was done 4 days earlier than last year and missed one of the two Saturday makeup days, it was still a long and demanding year on many levels. On Saturday, June 20, my two ninth grade classes had exams, so Sunday (which was also Confirmation Sunday at church, and I was a mentor) was mostly correcting and doing grades, and then Monday, June 22 was "Tie Up Loose Ends and Clean" Day, and then Tuesday I had Learning Area Leaders frm 8:30 - 11 and then. . .  my beloved husband and I headed out to Brownfield, Maine and the Stone Mountain Arts Center to see this guy:

Keb' Mo', June 23, 2015
and spend the night at this place:
The Inn at Crystal Lake, Eaton, NH.
and generally enjoy ourselves. We ambled back across the state the long way, and got home yesterday afternoon. . . and we leave for our Scandinavian trip on Monday! Today was my first chance to sleep as late as I wanted (7:55 am, thank you very much!) and sit with my coffee and the pets out on the patio. Hello, summer. I've been waiting.

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