Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mar. 14: Habby, habby. . .

When he was about 3, my younger son used to walk around saying "Habby habby habby habby" to himself when he was in an especially good mood. Today, as I lie on the couch and consider that
--Elder is NOT on his computer or in a snit but instead working on an art project, occasionally making silly jokes, and being generally pleasant;
--Younger has really done the lion's share of FINISHING a foolishly hard and poorly cut puzzle after 6 weeks of its possession of our counter and is lying next to me, reading;
--today was warm and sunny, truly a Spring day (despite the probably 12" of snow still remaining);
--I FINISHED JESSE'S SWEATER in my pink study while listening to Greta Schaachi (?) read Persuasion, a heavenly way to do it--and it looks good and I think will fit!
--Younger, Zeus and I went for a 45 min walk by the hospital on this lovely day and met nice people and dogs and got some sun;
--thereafter we went to Morton's Moo and Younger shared his gift certificate with me, saying, "You do plenty of nice things for me, Mom!"
--I am reading Frances Hodgson Burnett's The Shuttle, which I am enjoying. . . . .

I am realizing that I am pretty darn "habby, habby, habby" myself today!

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