Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March 24: Review Follow Up

Apparently the lack of actual markings on the sleeve isn't a big deal to the author, which baffles me a bit, since there were two comments (mine and another woman's) mentioning it. Heather provided a nice "further illustration" to show how to do the sleeve top, but she never said, "Yeah, we didn't put anything there and then made it sound like we had! Sorry that I made you unfold that #$#@$!!!! road map of a pattern THREE TIMES to look for what did not exist. My bad."

BUT I have bought more sale fabric (1.99/yard, baby) to try again, and will stop by my LFS, Sewing by the Sea, for tracing material and lighter yarn and needles. I'd be happy to have an actual garment at the end of this, but it's kind of fun going into the process thinking, "Maybe, maybe not." Freeing, kind of!

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Emily said...

I saw your comment about the bias tape and neck confusion... what finally clicked for me was that the bias tape was supposed to be hidden and folded all the way in, not showing at all. Huh. Maybe you know that - I did not :) I was able to salvage my first attempt by folding the bias in again and re-sewing it.

I found this link and it helped a ton.. http://suchtreasures.com/2008/06/14/applying-bias-tape-at-neckline-and-armhole-curves-as-binding/