Monday, March 2, 2009

Mar. 2: MONDAY SNOW DAY #2!!!

This one was lovely too. . . We planned ahead a bit and went out to b'fast at a little place we can walk to, and the boys were up earlier than I was (!!) so it all got underway quite smoothly. We got about 8" of snow and then about 3" of sleet, and it was cold (teens) all day. I feel a little bit like, "Okay, fine, that's great--now let's start melting!" However, this week is due to be chilly, so I doubt my wishes will be heeded.

BH was a great shoveler today; Ken called to see if we needed his snowblower, which was incredibly thoughtful; Younger and I made lovely ginger shortbread cookies; we watched "How to Make an American Quilt" which was okay, and I did a LOT of knitting--all in all, a real keeper. But we never get to, do we?

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