Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mar. 1: Making Up and Closing Off

Well, it's after swim/church/shopping/lunch/browsing and I am casting my eyes back over February and considering my goal of blogging daily during that month--which I pretty much did (similar to my Lenten vow of renouncing chococlate: last night in one of my wakeful stretches, I suddenly realized that I had had a lovely piece of very chocolate cake at Friday's Beth Benefit Lunch--without a thought!). It was fun, but I certainly don't think 1. I will become a famous blogger like the Yarn Harlot or Yarn Storm; 2. that my entries were very well developed or thought out or even edited, in fact. Often I seized the moment and just spit out the words, 3. that anyone will probably read them, unless I send a few folk the link, but I'm not sure I even want to, because, frankly: how interesting are they?

So, for March: I may pick the goal of practicing my banjo every day (I did that one month last year) with an eye to rejuvenating my interest in it, even without regular lessons. That goal might also cut down on my computer-glued time, which does NOT need enhancement. However, March tends to be a somewhat chaotic and sometimes frantic month, so I may give myself a break on that and change that goal to April. We'll see.

When I do have time to write, I would like to write about the unsexiness/lack of thrill in being financially responsible, despite its amazing returns, and then maybe return to a more indepth discussion about my love of audiobooks.

We shall see. BUT: mission for February accomplished. Thar she blows!

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