Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oct. 22: Thursday. Yes!

I was thinking that this week was a quiet one, as I only had one evening commitment on Monday, but I conveniently overlooked the jam-packed afternoons that awaited me. AND BH going to a conference for Wed. night - Friday and that type of thing. But most of the items have been fun--hair cut, Younger's final middle school xc meet, trip to Brewer for Younger's teeth which means some one-on-one time and maybe some errands--so things are good. Yesterday was a stunning, golden day, then today is cold, rainy, and raw: so glad I'm not cheering on my runner today! Apparently Saturday, Elder's regional ch.ships for xc, will more than make up for it--"steady, soaking rain," I heard mentioned--so we'll snuggle up now.

Boys are great: how they are growing! How they are growing into people I enjoy and like spending time with! How nice!

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