Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oct. 29: Heading into November~

My camera does not quite do justice to this gorgeous tree (I overuse "remarkable," which was my adjective of choice in that sentence. . . I think I picked it up from Dustin Hoffman's role as Willy Loman in the PBS "Death of a Salesman" years ago. It is a specific word: worth remarking over. . .but I am trying not to use it fifty times a day) which, every fall, lights up the end of the school, but there it is anyway. We're entering the phase of fall that I love, when many of the trees are bare, but their dark limbs serve to emphasize the incredibly intense color of the few late-changers. Later, in deep November, the beech leaves will be the only remaining color, and their deep copper will stand out against the grey and black branches and, if we're lucky, a few early snow storms. For now, our colors are still bright in places, and the grass is shockingly green.

We've had a spell of warmer weather lately, and though it's due to be showery, Saturday, the day of Elder's regional xc meet, should be the warmest in a bit (55!). Nice to have a warmish Halloween: how I remember those battles with Mom about wearing a jacket over my costume when we went out trick or treating!

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