Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oct. 24: Saturday Night Monsoon

What a mellow day! At the moment, BH is asleep in my pink study, which glows with the lights on, and the rain pounds on the skylight and alternate windows as the storm changes directions. Both boys are at a Halloween party from which BH will fetch them in about an hour, and I've just finished a second (successful) draft of the top of the latest commissioned stocking. I think I have some reading in me next: I've knitted a great deal, read some, cleaned my study and various piles of patternsbillsletters recipesarticlesmagazinesjunk from around the house, and also had a good run around noon, just before all weather hell broke loose and it really really really started to rain, so I feel pretty pleased with myself and endorphinized to boot. As I ran, I realized that one thing I really missed about running was being able to go out in terrible weather and warm myself up, so that I could return on a freezing cold or driving rainy day and feel pretty darn good--which is what happened today. Wet, yes, but studly? Definitely. AND charged up and warm.

So. My eyes are getting prickly, and I think I will quickly do my banking and then go down and read for a bit before I fall asleep. . . I am reading through Elizabeth Noble's The Friendship Test, which is a lot like her Reading Group: predictable and warm. I also am still reading Sense and Sensibility, and I have two other library books I'd like to get to. I wish I could magically transfer some of those onto cd, then I could do the stocking AND "read". . . what a skill! Anyway. Time to go enjoy the calm of the evening a little more deeply, along with humble thoughts for people and creatures who aren't blessed with a solid roof and reliable heat!

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