Friday, October 9, 2009

October 9: A Quiet Friday Night at Last!

It's been a great fall so far, but my it's been busy! Seems like every weekend one of us has been away, had a meet, a major commitment, or a deadline, and sometimes all of those at once! Finally, on this three day weekend we have

Nothing Major Planned.

==Deep sigh of satisfaction.==

To make things even better, BH and I drove to Elder's xc meet together, Elder ran well and we got to see a lot of students/friends/people we like, and the rain held off until we got home, though the looming clouds set the lovely leaves off amazingly well. BH and I had dinner at Finn's, a new "Irish pub" in town, which had good food and reasonable service, though its noise level got pretty uncomfortable as the place filled up. Town is feeling very Fallish now: there are empty parking spaces, the traffic is calmer, and down town just feels cleared out. Yay!

Poor Younger seems to have picked up a stomach bug, though he's been so prone to them in the past that he's very accomplished at being sick and its details (which I will spare any readers). I hope he's through the worst and can sleep in tomorrow and call that all good.

My wishful thinking list for this weekend includes:
correcting three different batches of work for school
reading some of the three good books I've got lined up
picking some good crunchy apples
baking with said apples: pie? cake? sauce?
removing the screens, separating out the ripped ones for repair and storing the others
cleaning up some of the piles in my study
doing some planning for Library and church details that I need to attend to
running and swimming and maybe going for a final long bike ride on Monday.

That seems manageable, huh???? Cross your fingers for me. But also remember the joys of a rainy Friday night with most of the family tucked up asleep and the last one expected soon!

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