Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mar. 2: Soft and Grey

Got up this morning to walk Zeus, and although it is still overcast, it was definitely 1. light enough to see, and 2. not bitter. (That's a very Maine thing to praise, but still!). It was also not raining or snowing, a weather trend that has been the rule for the past week plus. So all in all, it felt like a very verge-of-Spring type of day--for some reason, it felt like a very English Spring day, though all the Brits I know are watching bulbs come up, while our ground is rock hard still. However, I would guess that while people are canceling snowshoe races left right and center, many maple syrup makers are dusting off their spiles and buckets for the season. Things take their time, but their time is coming!

Have had a few Orc-type dreams lately, but all in all, seem to have survived the experience quite well. After that viewing and two (quite high energy and fun) meetings yesterday, I am nearly through the foot of my brown/orange sock, and am nearly the heel on the Charybdis sock. Such productivity and energy!

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