Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 10: In Praise of Terry Pratchett

Because, even on a crap day when I ponder the future of our civilization because kids seem so resistant to learning or doing anything remotely demanding even breathing practically,

when I wonder if it's ME and I'm just an evil/demanding/unrealistic/too strict/too old fashioned/too closeminded/too [you fill in the blanks] old monster who should stop harming the youth of America,

when I drive home battling to turn off the drumbeat of "I must" "I should" "I have to" and "I should have" in my mind,

he can still make me laugh out loud at lines like "he was what you would get if you shaved a bear" and other gems, and he never seems to forget the value of human beings, even when they are stinky, stubborn, short-sighted, and difficult.

Both of these are things I needed to do or be reminded of today, and the wonderful Stephen Briggs recording of Going Postal that is gracing me with its company these days did the trick.

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