Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 7: Is it HERE?

I know we are still in for some nasty days and grueling weather, but my! We've had a stretch of three days of downright lovely. Not a weekend for the LOTR trilogy at all: my run yesterday featured my running tights and a long sleeved tshirt and a LOT of sweat--what a sign of Spring! BH and I went for a nice walk along the Bangor waterfront after a nice lunch while we waited for the 60,000 check on his car, and I even hung out more laundry! Life is good!

I hope to reappear shortly with some FO pictures. . . MUCH progress has been being made (!) on various odds and ends. Stay tuned, and enjoy the weather!

Ah, here they are.

The big brown and orange socks were finished this morning and seized by Younger with cries of joy. Since he is VERY fussy about his feet, I considered and discarded the idea of giving them to him for C'mas (he likes orange and funky stuff, as you can tell by his pj pant legs!), so am delighted he likes them! The booties were resurrected, as I had run out of yarn to finish the second one and make the ties. With both Elder and BH asking for booties for various causes, I got creative and did a Frankenstein type yarn transfusion, making one shorter and lengthening the other, and then dug up some yarn that sort of matched for the ties. One pair down, one more to go! But nice to have two FO's, esp as both are patterns I love. Nothing like that Yankee Knitter sock pattern or that great bootie. . . Yay!

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