Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday, June 29: The Last Day

  Well, I am making a strong effort to fight the frustration that I feel when grey, damp days stretch into more grey, damp days. Ironically, last week was hot, dry, and sunny--and I was in meetings all day long, all week long. This week, starting with a screech on SATURDAY, has been downright wet for most of it, but certainly dark for all but a few peeks on Wednesday and 2/3 of Thursday--which ended with a 45 minute downpour, regardless of my carefully and optimistically hung out laundry.


But: I am making progress on my dress (pics soon--it's bright!), have stayed active and busy, and have been enjoying reading Hamlet's Perfection, by William Kerrigan--a collection of his thoughts about Hamlet as a play. I'm amazed that it's so readable: I usually only skim nonfiction, with a few exceptions, but I am really reading HP with pleasure and full attention. My other read is The Girl Who Played with Fire, the 2nd in the Dragon Tattoo series, and it is already nerve-wracking, horrifying, and compelling: I know I'll be skimming a good chunk of it even as I think, "Just one more chapter!"

Well. Off to sew for a bit, run, and then do some errands. Such excitement.

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