Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Vacation, Day One! June 23, 2012

Well, this is a new look for Bravexperiment! Not sure how all the updated blogger stuff will work, but this is the first day of my summer vacation (exams ended last Friday; last teacher day was Tuesday, but I had learning area/district work meetings until yesterday), and I've been thinking about how to reflect on and organize my options. I think I'll work on creating a wishlist for this vacation--so I'm hoping to write it out here ad then keep track of my progress all summer. We'll see.

Summer Wish List--edited August 6 for an update

1. Two times a week: bake or cook something new. Well. . . . I've been doing a good job on feeding people well, but the "new" part slipped a bit. 

2. Finish my portfolio dress that I started cutting out in May. Done! Starting second!

3. Finish Moth's cardigan (can't find a link to the pattern, but I like it a lot: Knit Simple Winter 2010/2011; Comfort Cable Cardi). ETA: FOUND THIS PICTURE! ((will, of course, lengthen the arms. Sheesh.) Working on it. At armholes on fronts.

4. Read. A. Lot. Oh, yeah. Got that done. 

5. Observe family movie night on Fridays. Mostly. Some live theater (Nate's play), some Thursday night movies, etc, but a shared experience at least once/week. 

6. Go to at least one new exercise class. Four yoga classes, baby! (Next time, don't schedule so many things on Wed. mornings. .  )

7. Ride my bike for downtown trips. Yup! 

8. Go to the Farnsworth Art Museum. Not yet. Hmmmmm. 

9. Reorganize/replant my front flower garden.  On the list with Julie OR after the phlox stop blooming.

10. De-clutter the clutter that's my responsibility: mostly magazines and books. Better. Need a tune up.

11. Commit to working at our church's free suppers on Wednesdays, however they need me. THAT'S been tough. Hard to work at something that is poorly organized. Hmmm. 

12. Get to Gram's camp at least twice this summer. Trip #1 is scheduled for Friday. We'll see. 

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