Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday: New Stuff

I'm still not sure why I can be so resistant to trying new things.


Cases in point:  yoga class today was great. It was hard--not on the surface, but I was dripping sweat, and my muscles were jumping by the end. The teacher had us do some balance work with our eyes closed--and that was a real challenge. But I also felt like my mind had been worked, too, and that's a huge bonus. I hope I head back next week!

And I also worked at our church's weekly free dinner for a prep shift today. That was less fun, simply because the program, while worthy, has kinks to work out, like so many beginning volunteer programs do. However, I got to know a couple from our church who are a lot of fun, and we kept our resolute "Just tell me what needs doing!" faces on, and when we ran out of jobs to do, I booked it out. Done.

Two round trips to town today on my trusty Bianchi bicycle, neither in a downpour, but neither in sun. This is getting a dite old, as we're getting a dite moldy. However, am not in charge, and have plenty of work to do inside, so onwards! Anyway, I was pleased to have stuck to my "one purpose trip" idea so far (three days. Oh well). Swimming tomorrow.

The portolio dress sew-along amazes me. It's incredibly detailed and illuminating: I am whipping through my dress with more sense of awareness and appreciation than I've ever felt before, and I am really grateful to the two women who made the tutorials in the first place. What a selfless act! I've been listening to Great Expectations while I sew, which is a pleasure, but I am feeling an overwhelming sense that my dress is gonna be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too big. We'll see.

Carpet measuring people came today. Now we need to pick colors and then GO!

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