Monday, February 18, 2013

Feb. 18: Monday and Home Again!

Nice visit with Julie, though the "blizzard" (which was mostly high wind, tiny snow, and very very low temps) changed our usual out and around plan to one that featured a lot of scuttling from building to building AND a lot of HGTV.

We did spend a lovely afternoon browsing the Portland Museum of Art, which has this amazing painting in its permanent collection:

It's called "The Drop Sinister: What Shall We Do With It?" by Harry Willson Watrous, and it interests me because there's an enormous amount of context around it that I am ignorant of. . . . There's an interesting writeup about it here, and there's a small blurb about it at the PMA itself, but I would love to know more about the story and the symbology behind it.

We also had lunch on Saturday at the PMA Cafe, which felt like something extremely British to do. The food was good, and the setting wonderful. The museum is a wonderful place, and seeing it with Julie was just terrific. Of course, seeing it with Julie on a balmy day in June might be even better, but that's just my winter weariness showing through.

Am home now, after a good (? Got a dress on an impulse. . . not sure if I think it was a good impulse or a bad one) stop at Target in Augusta, and here are my vacation plans, in links:

This to drink:

This to bake and eat:

This to work it all off: swimming at the Y because it's too windy to run right now.

This to finish: MOTH'S SWEATER! (which I can't find a link to). Okay! Onwards!

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