Friday, February 8, 2013

Feb. 8: Brrrrrace Yourself, Bridget! Blizzard!

I'm home early this Friday with a planned early release due to a much-hyped superstorm/blizzard/Nor'easter/storm named "Nemo" (!!!). Many of us had hoped for a full day off, but I have to admit that the half day was a wise move. My classes were packed with productivity (and 50 mins long), the driving was fine both arriving and departing, and the "will they/won't they" hysteria was completely absent. Still.

My plans for this afternoon include:
--lunch from 86 This!, a great little wrap place downtown which makes an awesome beet/feta/walnut/greens sandwich
--a nap
--lazy reading on the couch/mixed with item #2 above
--possible baking activity
--work on The Cardigan, which I am in my usual state of flat-out dismay and dislike about at the moment. But still.

So. I soldier on. Am listening to Marsh's Enter a Murderer, which is vintage Marsh and thus wonderful, and one big attraction of working on the sweater is that I can listen some more!

Stay warm. Be safe. Don't be dumb. Enjoy.

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