Saturday, June 15, 2013

June 15: A Real June Day!

Finally, a June day that felt like a June day: after crashing to sleep on the couch while "reading" last night after a week that wrapped up classes, final projects, exams, and correcting the aforementioned (all but one batch of exams, final grades, and comments), I woke up at nine am to a lovely summery day. I have had neither that much sleep nor that much sunshine for a long time, and both were welcome. We really used the sunshine by having a wonderful Pie Party which featured four sets of guests and therefore five different pies. Much fun, including some riotous badminton, was had by all, and we were all reminded of our numerous lawn parties the year of Silas and Lyle's graduations and Andy's 50th. . . which seems like a fitting context for the announcement that

we are hosting an AFS student again! Camilla from Norway will be a member of our family for the 2013-2014 school year! We are hoping it will be another success.

Lovely times with Lyle, Nate (when he surfaces) and winding up school. Ready for some downtime, and then a rich and rewarding summer!

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