Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 2: Summer all at once.

A lovely green and leisurely Sunday morning after two really hot days, one, the Friday, a day off for the high school as a group of kids who should've known better broke in and spread bait through the halls, rendering it disgusting for the day. Weird to have a "snow day" on May 31, but reassuring to have it come after a terrifically moving and inspiring day of an awesome Solutions Fair and a heartfelt final day with my seniors, most of whom I've taught for two years, one for three, and two of whom are my advisees as well. Friday night I went to the MDIHS Band Concert as well, mostly to see one of my advisee's culminating presentation: he conducted the MDI Band in the piece he had written himself. Very, incredibly, wonderfully impressive.

And then this weekend has featured a lot of family and hanging around. Nate did the relay for life AND worked his first real shift at Morton's Moo; Lyle helped put up screens and rewashed Zeus after Z's unfortunate skunk encounter on Thursday night at 9:30 pm; we had a big, fun family-plus-Sam dinner of lobster, salad, rice pilaf, and ice cream sundaes on the deck last night; and this morning we have a cooler morning and a quiet house full of sleeping menfolk. I feel blessed and calmed as we head into the last two weeks (final day pushed off by one due to the aforementioned foolishness): still busy times, but also a strong sense that we are a family, we love each other, and we belong together. Sounds good to me!

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