Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 17: Book Review, and Last School Day!

Somerset Maugham's The Razor's Edge.

Due to the craziness of the end of the school year, I just finished the book now, and I am a bit conflicted: I felt it was both very boring and very readable at the same time. Nothing really happens, does it? In fact, Maugham admits he doesn't know what happened to Larry; Larry never really changes as a character; much of the action, if it can be called that, comes out of order or in retelling. Still, I was involved in the book, at least until Larry's Indian sojourn, when, for the first time, the "told over dinner" style began to pall. Even the revelation about Sophie's death didn't alter anything.  So: one of the most interesting aspects of the book for me is the question of what makes it interesting! I agree with Mr. C: Larry was a little too good to be true to me, and his trust fund seemed a tad too convenient.  Still, I'm glad I got to read the book!

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