Thursday, August 22, 2013

Aug. 22: Taking a Breath!

Well. It's 8:08 a.m.; I am sitting on the futon in the den, helping Nate edit his AP Lit summer reading paper, and planning to spring into action soon to start completing an outline of my AP Lit class for the year. . .  Camilla is at an overnight/tubing/shopping trip, and Lily is sleeping upstairs. Andy is out the door to tutor, and Nate works 5 - 9 tonight. In less than one week, I'll be back to the round of school meetings, with the reality of my new school year on tap.


This summer has been an interesting and rich one, as usual--less full of projects and more full of work and reflection that some. I did a lot of school prep and thinking, which is great; I did a lot of reading, which was also great, and I slept a lot as well--what a pleasure! I think one of the biggest pleasures was my evening routine, which wasn't really a routine, but just a conscious sense every evening that I could do whatever I wanted to: watch the Sox, go out for ice cream, knit, read for school, read for pleasure, futz around on the lap top. . . . I may be a routine person, and my school year routine works really well, but I do love the freedom of my summer evenings!

So: a trip to Bangor for school shopping still needs to happen, along with our kayaking trip on Sunday, a lawn party to welcome Camilla and kick off Nate and her senior year, the Blue Hill Fair, and perhaps an AFS mini-golf trip. Ah, such goals.

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