Friday, February 7, 2014

Feb. 7: Cabin Fever Time, I do believe!

Even after our lovely, restful, snowy, powdery, no-school snow day on Wednesday, this has been a challenging week at school, with people (absoLUTEly including me in that list) getting a bit testy and short. So tonight it's Friday, which is great; Andrew and I are having a budget conference at 6 and then, in a faintly ironic move that Nathaniel pointed out to us, going out for a "date dinner" at Cleonice JUST US; the kids are probably watching "Hairspray" and having take out; my thoughts are much about next weekend when it will be the verge of vacation and my visit with Julie.

Good things from this week:

1. one sock done and about 1/2 of the second one's leg completed;

2. lovely long Facebook video chat with Lyle, who wants us to come visit him in Florence;

3. (sigh) squaring up (which is good) of a messed-up credit card bill (which was bad and entirely my fault so I didn't even call to try to wangle my way out of the late fee [ouch]). . . a good reminder of my resolution to deal with issues head on;

4. more sunshine each day. Yay.

So. Off I go to feed the dog and then talk money with my beloved. xxoo

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