Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18: Martin Luther King Day!

All Together NowAll Together Now by Gill Hornby
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I would love to see this book as an independent Brit flick like "The Full Monty" or the one about the boy who loves ballet, but it's also a lot of fun as a novel: good hearted, full of quirky characters and slightly unrealistic plot twists. At its core, however, it holds to the truth that singing together is something wonderful--slightly mystical--and very rare in these days. It may even have convinced me to join our church's rickety choir--at least for the Easter season!

Somewhat slow going at the start, but gains verve and confidence after the first quarter or so.

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Have had a lovely weekend: 7" or so snowstorm on Saturday, a partly sunny and milder day yesterday, then a cold day of flurries and school work today. I ran on the road out past the hospital, enjoying the snow on the blueberry barrens and the flurries, meeting only a couple walking a friendly black dog. Andy and I went out to lunch. I did some correcting (the semester ends next week), some reading, some knitting; resolved to handwrite something at least once a week, and pondered fun writing activities for my Readers&Writers crew. My cold is better. Life is good, an accident of grace that I surely take for granted. In honor of a man who sacrificed so much so that life could be better for more people, I share this lovely cover of a James Taylor piece:

Be well, do good, enjoy.

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