Friday, January 18, 2013

Jan. 18: Friday Evening of a Three Day Weekend!

Well, I'm there! It's been the usual flat-out sprint from Christmas to now, the end of the semester/MLK Jr. weekend. I am fairly frayed around the edges, but I am deeply grateful to be as solidly well as I am given the amount of flu, the variety of staggering colds, the multiplicity of ailments, and all the other issues that are abounding these days. I'm sniffly, but not Real Flu (like Mom) or Pneumonia (like Jen), so I'm happy.

This weekend demands a combo of slumping-around-the-house-in-jammies downtime, catching-up-on-daily-life errands/chore time, and get-out-of-Dodge cabin fever avoidance. Nathaniel and I have possible plans for him to drive us to Bangor (Mom breathes deeply) so he can replace his current high-water/ripped knee jeans, I can possibly get a top or two to get me through the winter, and we can eat lunch someplace fun, different, and delicious. I'd like to see "Silver Linings Playbook," but I bet it's not at the megaplexes, so my guess is we won't do a movie. Still, just a trip to Bangor, aka "out of Dodge," will be nice.

ETA Updates on Sunday afternoon. . . 
And I'd like to
*go to the Library--I did! And got two books I cannot possibly finish by their due dates, and also a paperback fluff book for 50cents. 
*knit on Moth's sweater and possibly finish the sleeves, tho I have one of those unwelcome hunches that they're already foolishly long and I need to redo a sizable chunk to shorten them. . .Well. As of Sunday at 5:20, they are done, but they are too short in the raglan decrease sections, so I have to uncast them off and lengthen each by about 2". At that point they're both 28 sts long, so that's not a problem. I will say that buying a pattern from a magazine may mean it's not very carefully written. . . and guess where I got the "Comfy Cardi" pattern? 
*make a spectacular something to eat, sweet OR savory--Not sure if that will happen. . . though I did make ginger cookies! ETA on 1/23, Wed: Wellllllllll. . .I fulfilled that with a bang! Made fantastic spicy hominy (read: grits) chicken soup and then this terrific and easy dessert. WOW!!! Do try both: the soup is incredibly easy, healthy and delicious, too! 
*pack up and mail L's package and Silas's Christmas (!!) package--mailed L's pkg and also returned my too small boots, but Silas's package would've made me late for the PO, so no go! 
*do some "caring for" baking for colleagues/friends--see "Ginger cookies" above. 
*recognize my mom's b'day in some concrete way. . . . missed it totally on Friday. Yup, not my best moment.--got her some goodies at Reny's and will pack them up to mail next week. Getting there!

We'll see how it all unfolds. Andy's making pizza, we'll watch some "Downton Abbey," and we're warm, safe, and together. Not bad at all, already!

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