Saturday, January 5, 2013

January 5: Twelfth Night: Tree Down, Visitors In, Book Done!

Garment of Shadows (Mary Russell, #12)Garment of Shadows by Laurie R. King
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I enjoyed this one, though I have to admit I did skip some chunks of the lengthy political explanation, so though I know who the chief bad guy was (sorta), I am still a little fuzzy on who some of the secondary bad guys were. Skimming is a valuable skill for this series, I've found!

I also was a little confused because I think I listened to one of the much earlier novels in this series in between "The Pirate King" and "Garment of Shadows," so I had a strange feeling that the books were out of order--which they were, but it was all my fault.

"Garment of Shadows" starts with Russell with a bad case of amnesia, and King does a nice job of writing that--the lack of knowledge created tension despite the fact that the reader knew a lot of what was going on. Lots of likable characters in this one (Idir, in particular), and the shorter length made for a snappier reader. Enjoyed it!

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While Garment of Shadows is still overdue (it's a 7 day book), I'm proud that I got through it in close to a week, as King's books often take me a lot longer. Go, me! Go, Russell, for having a shorter adventure this time out!

Nice day today: slept really well last night, and then it was warmer today, and Craig and Heather came up for a nice visit. We took the tree down and de-Christmased the house, and put up our new "cat tree"--four levels of fun for the felines!--in the place of the tree by the window. We'll see how they like it. So far Katniss has been nonplused and uninterested, and Swipe gave it a sniff and kept on going. Hmmm.

I am sleepy, and considering a little browse on tv. . .  I think I messed up the repeats on L's Masse Mitt #2. . . Should check it!

Happy Epiphany.

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