Sunday, January 27, 2013


Well, the grading due date is cruelly tight this year, so I spent most the weekend grading, despite having been really diligent on Friday, our "turnover day"--and I resented that a little, so have been a tad disgruntled all weekend. That said, here are some celebrations/nice things from this weekend that at times looked like it would be all about stress and resentment.

Nice thing 1: Andy and I met friends for dinner and then went to see "The Gold Rush" (yes, that one) at the Grand with the youth orchestra playing a score for the whole thing. Great experience.

Nice thing 2: I had a nice run, then a zippy trip downtown for library books, ingredients, and a stop at the health food store for Julie goodies.

Nice thing 3: I made chocolate-peanut-butter pudding for dessert on Saturday, and

Nice thing 4: Saki came over to wait for Doug to pick her up, and we had a lovely time and a great dessert!

Nice thing 5: I had a generally lovely time with Andy and Nate this weekend!

Nice thing 6: I finished the sleeves of Moth's sweater!

Nice thing 7: I actually wrapped up and have ready to mail Silas's Christmas package (wince), Mom's b'day package (smaller wince), and Julie's "random last week of January" package (big smile).

Nice thing 8: N, Z, A, and I went for a nice walk in the VERY cold sunshine on the river. Yup, it's frozen. It's been below freezing (as in, well below freezing) most of the last two weeks.

Nice thing 9: dinner tonight was simple but fantastic: hake with Ritz crumb/Havarti topping, brown rice, and sauteed kale. WOW. What a taste treat.

Nice thing 10: I am not very disgruntled any more. YAY! Onwards!

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