Friday, April 10, 2009

4/10: Ice Out?

Image by Jeff Swanson,
Incredibly enough, some of the smaller lakes and ponds in Hancock County are still ice bound, or were at the beginning of the week. I feel a little of the same stagnancy myself when it comes to really becoming active. Here's my voice channeling the energy and frustration of Maine lake water in April:
•I can't get myself organized to tackle the buttonholes on my new sweater, though after I do one set I have 2.5" of garter stitch increasing that I could cruise through.
•I can't seem to find a new book to read, though, as I mentioned, I am thrilled to have two on the vacation pile.
•I can't get organized to clean off the mare's nests that have accumulated on my bureau, my bedside table, in side my bureau drawers, on our kitchen desk, elsewhere!
•I can't seem to rouse myself to write a letter, though I feel a passionate need to revolt against the layers of facile twittering and posting in our lives today to really respond to some important people in my life. . . .
I think it's a little pre-pre-vacation exhaustion (since we still have another week to go yet!), a little lingering lowness from that insidious cold of a few weeks ago, and a little lingering iciness left from this long winter. Ice out hasn't happened yet for me, at any rate--but I'm hoping it will happen soon!

(Whew. Just a tad whiny. Sorry. Am waiting for the break through!)

Edited to add: what IS it with the posting time? I wrote this at 7:23 am. NOTHING like 4:07 am, no matter what time zone we're in. The squirrels that manage blogger must be off today!

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