Friday, April 10, 2009

4/10: Open Water!

I think the ice is gone! I'm on my way to bed, but today I. . .
did food shopping for the breakfast on Sunday
got Elder's Easter present lined up at school
got new pieces of Elder's remaining Easter present (I drew his name)
stopped at libe to sign form for Board
picked up Younger's sax as requested (and reminded!)
took down and folded two DRY loads of laundry from the line!
made experimental breakfast casserole
took Elder and Friend to get food
made stollen for Easter b'fast
cleaned up kitchen twice (once prior to working in it, once after!)
finished Ladies' No 1 episode #4
tired myself right out so that I am going to bed, feeling pretty darn content!

1 comment:

AnnL said...

Gee, I wish that my sis lived closer than an 8 hour drive away too! It's getting to be as warm as that crazy April day all those years ago when you and she and Small and Elder came down and it was SO HOT on the beach without leaves!