Sunday, April 26, 2009

4/25: Last Really Free Day of Vacation. . .

Funny to think of how quickly a day can change. And why. April 25, last Saturday of vacation. Managed to get myself a little squirrelly thinking about that, and thinking about what I should DO and what had I accomplished and all. that. stuff. Nice weather continues so I felt the urge to be outside and not ‘waste it’, but I still have things On The List that I haven’t done yet. . . . and Elder and Swimmer both needed some detail work/delivery places, etc, and Younger and Gameboy, Younger’s overnight guest, deserved some of the same. . . . and what would I do for exercise? Thought I’d check out the mini-tri bike route, but didn’t know it well enough to be confident, and wasn’t sure when I’d head out, and then it got windy, and I don’t like biking in the wind.. . . Can you tell how pissy and restless I was becoming? And it went on!

Took Younger and Gameboy to the beach, which was fun, (there they are having fun)

tho it got very windy and I was cold. However, instead of letting them play--and they were having a terrific and NON-electronic time and could’ve stayed another hour or so--while I warmed up in the car and knitted (yes, I’d brought my knitting), I decided we should go back home--where I was sleepy and somewhat grumpy and lay on the futon in my study and felt bored and restless. And unproductive, and flat. And did I mention grumpy?

So. Finally decided to drive the mini-tri route, and had the unexpected joy of BH coming with me--and driving the wrong route--a MUCH longer one, but with BH we figured it out, drove the right one, and had a very nice time. Upon our return, Gameboy, Younger and I rode bikes to Gameboy’s house, dropped him off, then I took off for a good 5 - 6 mile bike ride, full of hills, and topped it off with a 3/4 mile run and a shower. My new Interweave Knits mag came, so I settled down with it and a snack and then Younger and I decided to make super gingery ginger cookies with mini chocolate chips, which we did, and in the middle of that we ate BH’s lovely grilled salmon dinner. . . . Finishing up, I did a terrific job cleaning the kitchen while Younger rolled the cookies and put them on sheets. Much fun. Now BH is sleeping in his chair prior to getting Elder from a b’day party at (gulp) 12, Younger is asleep on the couch, to be taken upstairs when I go, and I have spent a lovely relaxing evening knitting on BH’s funky brown’n’green socks and reading the new Twist Collective online edition. Same stuff I could’ve done this afternoon, but now it feels much much better!

I am hoping tomorrow will feature a good swim, church, then a lot of tying up of loose ends that didn’t get dealt with earlier. But, I plan to, in the immortal words of a dear student’s mother, “do. . . don’t stew!”

So off to bed I go. What made the change? Exercise? Family? Direction? Simply the act of making a frickin’ decision? Who knows? I’m just glad it happened.

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