Thursday, April 9, 2009

4/9: Thursday, and Random Happiness

It seems that third quarter is really over, and, amazingly, fourth quarter is truly taking shape before me, and that things are good.

Some happiness items:
Easter approaches! I have managed to keep Saturday quite clear and can do the baking for the Early Service Breakfast, and I think it'll be quite straightforward this time, and the day itself is always fun and communal and celebratory. Tonight is Maundy Thursday, and I'm looking forward to that centering, powerful service. As a family, we decided to have each member of our family draw another member's name and have $25 to do his/her basket, so that has been fun and completely non-stressful. As far as Easter dinner goes. . . I have no clue, but I've also learned that if it's important to the whole family, it will happen, and if it's important just to me, I should make it happen, so. . . . mac'n'cheese? Panini?

I am also hoping to do more knitting: student's slippers and my sweater. I got two more balls of yarn just in case, since I realized I want to lengthen the sleeves to full length, and I would hate to mess this up by poor planning. If I don't need it, that yarn is so lovely that a cowl would be great, so I'm set either way.

The sun is out! We've had rain but not days and days of it, and my bulbs are bravely and slowly erupting. The snow is 98.2% gone, and today the sun rose around 6:35. Bring it on!

I now have two books "stored" for vacation reading: having Heather hand me one and say, "Read it over vacation!" is so hopeful that it's almost better than having the time to read it now! Book of Lost Things (not usually to my taste, but highly recommended) and then Mockingbird, universally raved about. Yum! Vacation is pretty close!

And, Elder continues on a happy, pleasant, active, focused stretch. He's been much more academically focused, and he seems to be reaping those benefits: he's proud of his work, he's engaged in his classes, and the painstaking work of trying to pretend preparation and knowledge isn't necessary. It's both moving and frustrating to see that cycle illustrated again and again, when I've known it so well myself. Younger is loving his one week off between activities, and BH's tough academic year seems to be improving.

So. Also: I had a piece of spectacularly good banana bread at the Starbuck's inside the Bangor Target--served by a very pleasant woman--and that was a little piece of happiness too.

Good stuff!

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