Friday, April 17, 2009

4/17: Friday Before Vacation!

Well. I am home, waiting for Swimmer, friend of Elder who is staying with us over vacation, to come home, and reveling in the sense of vacation about to unfold. We had knitting today at school, and I finished the grown up booties I made as a barter with a student--picture follows!--and knitted a good deal on my February Lady sweater. So far the size seems okay, and I have made two of the four (? I think) buttonholes, and I just changed the way I marked the stitches which should make it faster to knit. I do love the garter stitch part, and I still love the Cricket yarn. A trifle splitty, but really soft and a lovely color--more blue than the pic makes it look.

As I ponder the vacation before me, I have a lot of good stuff to do in my head. . . knitting, reading, sleeping. . . some running (new running shoes!), biking and swimming to help make a final decision about the mini-tri at the Y. . . . some basic gardening here and at the church. . . a quick trip to Auburn for a visit with Mom and Dad and possibly a movie on the big screen (whoo!). . . maybe a new summer blouse with my favorite material to date. . . did I mention sleeping? I have a list of things that also includes some yard work/tree trimming and a possible burn day if we get some rain. I'd also like to get the screens down (somehow that didn't happen this past Fall) preparatory to washing both them and the windows! And of course breakfast out at least once!

So. Lots of good stuff, and having Swimmer with us will be fine--too bad his plans to go on vacation with a friend fell through, but we're glad we could help!

And, in closing, pic of the Mama Booties and their smaller inspiration!

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