Monday, April 20, 2009

4/20: Dropping a Book

Part of my plans for this vacation include lots of reading, even though that conflicts a bit with my plan for lots of knitting, since my knitting at the moment is not very reading-friendly. HOWEVER, I am further mired in conTROVersy because I can't decide if I want to drop a series of books I've started or not.

My mom gave me three paperback mysteries by Antonia Fraser featuring Jemima Shore. I just read/skimmed the first one, Quiet as a Nun. It was fairly interesting, but the writing didn't enthrall me, and in some places seemed almost like pieces of the story had been cut out: she'd suddenly talk about what her lover was doing as he read the postcard that she hadn't yet written. Odd. There are two others that Mom gave me as well, and I'm torn: I like reading series (why? Maybe a sense of accomplishment?) and the second is set in Scotland, which is a recommendation to me. I think I'll try it. However, I'm not completely committed to finishing the third, and I think I'll give the second four chapters to capture me, and then donate them to the lib. booksale if I'm not hooked. I have a stack of alluring books from our most recent library trip already, so the decision to read or not to read feels big. Perhaps what I'll do is start a new pair of socks so I can knit and read for sure, and then give Tartan Tragedy a whirl. If I'm not hooked by chapter 4, I'll cast it aside and move onto Mockingbird.

Sounds like a plan. . . though I'd really like to watch more "No 1 Ladies Detective Agency" episodes, but I can't find them anywhere, not even to buy. Shoot!

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