Friday, March 15, 2013

March 15: Friday! Half Professional day!

Well, though I still get a charge when I type "March" because this month is whipping by me, this has been quite a week: my cold got worse and worse, and I actually left school early on Tuesday, had a blissful three hour nap, and then stayed home on Wednesday to rest my self and my vocal chords, but Parent Conferences (18 of them--count 'em!) Thursday were pretty brutal. Still: we've had rain to take away most of our snow, we had a few sunny days, Lyle has been home and a huge pleasure (huge and muscular pleasure!), and things have just been nice, despite this endless stuffy, snuffy, annoying cough and nose.

BUT especially, today I was asked to take an important leadership position at school by someone I really admire, which felt terrific. I turned it down, as I don't think I would be good at it and I don't think I am the right person for the job due to my position at the school itself, but it felt wonderful to be asked. I *think* it also felt right to decline: this wasn't about change, this was about my own ability to see, to reason, and to explain, to pay attention to tiny details. Yikes. Change is a good thing, but this would not have been a good one for me. Still: big vote of confidence to be asked.

Now: this weekend is popovers for Lyle, a small experimental run to see if my hip is better, pj pants for another b'day present, and AP poetry papers (four done today). Lyle and Andy will leave at 4:45 am on Sunday to get Lyle to Portland and the bus station to return to Skidmore. . . . I'll cover the nursery. . . . and so it goes.

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