Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 19: Half Snow Day!

This is our second half snow day (early release due to snow), and I have to tell everyone, that doesn't equal a full snow day. Still. I'm correcting at home, and that's pretty good.

If I could warp time, I would:

  • correct all 4 of my remaining poetry papers
  • correct all my Much Ado tests
  • correct all the lingering make up work I have
  • plan!
  • knit both on the sock and on the swatch for my J Crew knockoff sweater
  • take a hefty nap
  • make cinnamon sugar pull apart bread
  • take care of a few other school tasks
  • watch "Pride and Prejudice," the 6 hour version!
  • tidy up my bedroom, and
  • I'm sure I could think of more stuff!
However, I will instead persevere through my last of three poetry papers for this afternoon, admire the snow, do one "other school task," and then MAYBE take a nap. It *is* a snow day afternoon, after all!

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