Saturday, March 9, 2013

March 9: Saturday, Pre-Lyle Arrival!

Outcasts United: The Story of a Refugee Soccer Team That Changed a Town

I read the unabridged version of this book several summers ago, and we'd hoped to use it for our 9th grade class, but it was a long and challenging read (I confess that I thought it could've benefited from a hard edit to cut it down by maybe 50 pages), so I seized on this abridged-by-author version, and I am really happy with it. The book profiles a lot of issues: immigration, the decay of the inner city, ethnic tension, the role of sport in young people's lives (young men's lives, especially), and it ties those stories into a pretty fast-paced sports story about a group of scrappy underdogs! The abridgement is good, tho it could use pictures and an updated epilogue. However, I'm hoping it's out in paperback, as it would be a terrific starter book for our class next year!


Whew. Week 1 of March is done: late start meetings/Learning Area Leader meetings on Monday; Incoming Frosh and Parents' Night on Tuesday; AIDS Day assembly on Wed.; fighting a cold the whole week (again?); Friday, a great knitting session and the drama festival arrived at MDIHS; all the while, I was teaching my usual load of three preps, three classes and learning area leader. . . However, kept things cheery throughout, I am proud to say!

This weekend features, unexpectedly, Lyle arriving home for Spring break! I am doing laundry for his bed as I write, and plan some big food shopping to prep. I also hope to whip through some HSE thesis papers (first batch. Lengthy and mixed!) so I have more time to visit with the son when he is awake and I am home!

I am planning to make, possibly, a Sorbetto top (maybe with sleeves), so I might like a trip to Jo-Ann's or Sewing by the Sea. . .  and N and I had potentially planned a Bangor trip even without the need to meet L at the bus station, so, we'll see how that works. Andy and I went to see "Jack The Giant Slayer" yesterday, which was fun but did have the whole princess in distress theme (sheesh. When can we get away from that?), so maybe tonight I'll stay home, even if the guys go to see Oz, tho I'd like to see it, too! So many options.

The time changes tonight (!!) and I have been feeling springy lifts in my spirits, despite all that is out there to do. These are good things! Spring just may be coming.

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