Sunday, March 24, 2013

March 24: Palm Sunday, and Another March Weekend GONE!

Well, somehow Friday afternoon shot away from me too fast for a post, and then Saturday rapidly became A Busy Day as I worked to clean house, shop, and cook for the dinner party we hosted on Saturday night. In February (or possibly January), I resolved to be more social, to spend more time with people I like. We had Norm and Lori over in February, and then I invited my coteacher, her boyfriend, and a young woman Andy teaches with for dinner in March. I made pulled pork from this recipe, classic dinner rolls from this recipe in this book (I think; new cover pic, maybe? I love my edition!), cole slaw from The Joy of Cooking with my own tweaked recipe, cream puffs (aka "Choux,") from the Williams Sonoma book, home-made fudge sauce, and then got sane enough to cancel chocolate pudding and go with ice cream instead.

It was delicious, and we had a lot of fun! As I did the prep, I listened to Pride and Prejudice and then started Beowulf as a refresher, so that allayed some of my "gotta get school done" anxiety, and we had a nice time visiting with Elana, Bruce, and Ellen. My next month's plan is to have Mark, his wife, and Jen over. . . . I am LIKING this social thing!

Palm Sunday today, with a sunny (well, sunny morning at least) warmish day and lots of melting. I have to wrap my brains around prep for the Easter Sunrise breakfast next Sunday! Yikes!

So, all in all, a good weekend. I just scored a bunch of projects from my Honors sophomores, and they're wonderful. One more batch of inclass essays, and I'm done correcting and on to prep. In addition, I'm reading Terry Pratchett's ya novel Dodger, which is a pleasure. Here's a trailer that captures some of its flavor. Enjoy!

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