Friday, March 29, 2013

March 29: Friday. . . Easter Approaches!

Dodger by Terry Pratchett
The three people in my house have read this book, and so far we've all laughed and read aloud the same part of the first chapter, so it is clearly, as Nate said, "a good fit for this family." Terry Pratchett continues to entertain, and tying in Charles Dickens and lots of legit historical detail made the book especially intriguing to me. The character of the princess was a disappointment: she is a far cry from Tiffany Aching of the Wee Free Men series, with only good looks to recommend her, really. There seems to be a sense that she will be more developed, but Pratchett never follows through on that promise. Dodger and London, however, are both fully and exuberantly drawn. A little less whipcrack smart writing--in spots feels very young adult novel ish--but still recommended.

It's Friday and I am BEAT--busy day at school (but I did clean my desk (neatened AND wiped it down, both) which will be a nice treat for Monday when I stagger in after a busy Easter weekend. I have gotten most of the supplies for the Easter breakfast, and have decided to simplify the Easter potato bread stollen and instead make pumpkin chocolate chip bread as a complement to the egg casserole. That will be most of tomorrow. We have finally made reservations for dinner for Easter at Galyn's in Bar Harbor, which will be a treat. The Crocker House is apparently not open (yet? at all?), which was a disappointment after our wonderful time there last year, but I love Galyn's. 

I have several books piling up to read, so I want to cut down on my computer time. We'll see how that goes. 

Some Spring promising--lovely morning, succeeded by clouds and 10 minutes of heavy sleet, but that's what Maine is like! Ah well. 

Okay. Off to read! Cheers. 

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