Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Yay! More later, probably. . . . but happy first day of Spring!

What a nice day: some school work, some pleasure reading, a hard swim workout, lunch and errands downtown with my beloved, and now time for some more school stuff! In the meantime, I finished the following:

Starting From Here by Lisa Jenn Bigelow
's review 

Read in March, 2013

A good, powerful, entertaining ya novel that shows the gradual shift in our cultural expectations. The protagonist, Colby, is a 16 year old, and she's a semi-out lesbian--and Bigelow has written a book that makes the challenge of Colby's orientation one of many equal challenges in her life, which is a feat that few GLT novels I've read have managed to carry off. Colby's mom died several years ago, and her dad is a long distance trucker; money is tight, school doesn't seem to mean a lot to Colby any more, and her girlfriend has called it quits, leaving Colby zooming from one distraction to another in an effort to cope. A chance encounter with a stray dog becomes a main focus of the book, adding interest and humor to the essentially difficult situation Colby faces. Ultimately, the story is positive and moving, acknowledging the various kinds of love we all (and teens especially) need to get through our daily lives. High quality writing, and a valuable message that doesn't read like a "message" at all.

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