Friday, February 6, 2009

2/6: Illness. . .

Well, the conventional wisdom says they're dropping like flies at my high school--80 out yesterday. . . more today, despite regulations that mean kids who miss today can't compete in various championship meets this week, so there's big incentive to get to school. There's a nasty fever/cold thing, possibly the official flu, and then a fast moving stomach bug that does its usual spectacular thing and then moves out, so you have your choice as to how to get sick. We're encouraging hand-washing, proper coughing technique, no drink sharing, staying home when you're sick. . . . but I think vacation, coming up NEXT Friday, is the only key.

It's funny to be in this kind of a situation. Rumors run rampant: "Whooping cough and pneumonia," says my son, knowledgeably. He's fifteen, and not a doctor. One student told me "There'll be three kids in class today. . ." and we were only short two. Other students put it all down to salmonella in peanut butter, not "the winter vomiting virus" (as the Brits call it) at all.

As for me, I wash my hands, try to sleep a lot, stay hydrated, get fresh air, and eat well . . . and I try not to worry, though it's hard not to notice every sniffle, every gurgle my stomach makes. Is that. . . . ?

I think I'm ready for warmer weather and vacation!

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