Saturday, February 21, 2009

Feb. 21: Sunny Saturday

Today we have the glittering, sparkly post-snow morning; yesterday we had the slow-falling-snowflakes/grey muted light morning. I am drinking my coffee in the sunpatches and feeling inspired to go sledding at the Black House later. First item: walking Zeus, who is desperate for Elder to come down stairs! and play with him! but who might be refocused with a walk.

Today will feature exercise (pool or sledding), some organizing of school stuff (sigh)--I have a sneaking suspicion that somewhere I have a batch of second draft narratives that I need to get through, but I haven't seen them yet; food shopping--we haven't had a big, serious shop for two weeks now!; and maybe another quick swing to Marden's to follow up on some great sales: audiobooks for $6.99! Clark's shoes for $30! I'll try to resist the lure of the cheap fabric (so pretty!), but Younger does need a new jacket for next winter, so a sale might be useful for him. I'd love it if my ordered books showed up, even today. I am not in love with any of my reading, and that's a weird place to be for me. I got Lulu in Marrakech, the new Diane Johnston, but I realized I just don't like her writing that much. So. Back to the libe with that! Maybe I should just get my Maisie Dobbs audiobook out of the car and plug in, get Jesse's sweater (ready to change to bigger needles for the sleeve caps and then do the chest and neck!), and have at it. I am really tempted to start a pair of socks--booties, really--and am quite impressed by my monogamy in working on J's sweater so far. It's a bit like when Zeus stares out at the squirrels, his muscles shaking even as he's lying down. My hands tremble as I look at my huge collection of sock needles, my lovely skeins of varigated yarn. . . but no. I will be true to the hemlock green Peace Fleece, size 40" chest, raglan-sleeved sweater--at least till it's in the sewing up stage!

There's a tad more baking I'd like to do too. . . . and the weather isn't great for Sunday, when we head down to Brunswick for III's fiftieth b'day (how can one of us be 50?? YIkes!), but it sounds like rain/snow, not snow/snow, so if we stick to the coast we should be okay. But. All in all, in this moment of pause, I'll say that it's been a really nice vacation. Really nice. I think I can handle one more week of February and then March, nourished by this week. We'll see!

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