Friday, February 13, 2009

Feb. 13: Day Before (make up)

The happy chaos before a much-anticipated vacation means that I forgot to post yesterday TOO. So two today.

Yesterday was warm and rainy, feeling very Spring like and ohso welcome! Luckily, the rain was gentle and intermittent, so there wasn't the whole scale flooding that we sometimes get as a "be careful what you wish for" end to a cold spell. It certainly was nice to lie in bed and hear gentle tapping on the windows!

I do find I love the lead up to vacations: that sense of sustained anticipation, of being close enough to touch but not there yet, is fun and restorative, but not as fraught with the sense of time passing as vacation itself is. I am reveling in that--my planning seems to have worked out so that my classes also have a nice pace to them--and even had time to float the idea that all the faculty wear funky pj pants to school today, the last day, and the response was great.

So: on with the garden gnome pj pants, and out the door to the Last Day Before!

Note: apparently no picture of these wondrous garments exists. I hope to rectify the situation.

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