Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feb. 18: Dork. . .

I am fighting the need to get stressed out about doing things during vacation. I have a lot of outside projects, like Library stuff and church projects, as well as "wanna do's" that are floating to the top of the list and nudging me. Today I did some good work AND some fun work. . . spent the middle of the day with Audrey experimenting with making cloth bag prototypes for the kids to make for Earth Day Sunday giveaway. Convinced BH to do enough food shopping to keep us stocked and baking till Friday at the earliest, and did some potential planning for a model Issues project. But. . . cheated on my workout and didn't relax a ton.

So. . tonight I shall make millionaire's shortbread with the boys (we have both B boys since their parents had a sudden commitment in Portland--it will be fun, especially with the storm (?!) coming in) and raised donuts for b'fast. And. I. Will. Re. Lax!

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