Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feb. 4: Almost Missed!

Today was one long streak of stuff to do!

Up at six (grrrrrrrrrrrrreat sleep. Yay!)
Walk dog in lovely snow. One of the big trees on Argonne Street still has its lights up and against the snow they were especially beautiful. It was nice to walk through the houses; there were several people out shoveling but everything was very muffled.
Drop dog at home. Walk "the block" to finish workout.
Home--b'fast--shower--nearly going to be on time for class planning session when Elder called from school having forgotten his Bio. . . could I?
Drop Bio book at h.s.--park in lot, walk in snow to door, go into office, etc.
Drive to school.
Planning session. Not very good--felt like facilitator (usually very good) was pulling us in a direction we didn't need to go in NOW and not letting us do what we needed to do. BUT did get pulled out of meeting by Superintendent to meet principal candidate and was introduced to him as "one of our most excellent teachers"--that felt pretty darn great.
Home from planning session; let dog out. Get Elder son.
Pick up younger son.
Drive to orthodontist in Brewer.
Do ortho stuff, then listen to Dr. Dentist as he talked on and on about Younger's braces.
Drive home, stopping to get boys a snack at McD's
Eat dinner
clean up from dinner
Go to Mission meeting (pretty good one)
Come home; realize we have to pick up for our cleaning lady
Do that: lie on couch to write this!

Whhhhoooooosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I want to finish my Thirkell that I am LABORING through.

So! Due to be sunny tomorrow, but 21 with a zippy wind for -12 windchill. Not summer yet.

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